USA Election 2016 - Tweetgraph

This tool measures numbers of Tweets that have been made on topics relating to each of the Presidential Candidates in the previous 24 hours.

We track a wide range of popular terms used by both sides in the debate around the Presidential Candidates. This gives us the number of Tweets featuring terms associated with each Candidate. We monitor commonly-used words within those Tweets, to give a clearer picture of the specific concerns of Twitter users and how they are engaging with the debate.Tweets may be positive or negative in sentiment, and the overall numbers should not be interpreted as a measure of popularity.

Hashtags Tracked

Hillary Clinton

  • #strongertogether
  • #betterthanthis
  • #imwithher
  • #demconvention
  • #sheswithus
  • #hillyes
  • #voteblue
  • #shewinswewin

Donald Trump

  • #crookedhillary
  • #trumppence16
  • #americafirst
  • #makeamericagreatagain
  • #trumpiswithyou
  • #makeamericaworkagain
  • #makeamericasafeagain
  • #maga

Hudson & Marshall have developed this tool to offer insight into the online discussions around the United States Presidential Election 2016. Hudson & Marshall does not endorse or support any candidate or political party. Any sentiment or content recorded by this tool has been published by users of Twitter and does not reflect the values, sentiments or beliefs of Hudson & Marshall or its employees.

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